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Text Email 1 – To ‘Warm’ Prospects

Hi (friend’s name)

I saw this earlier and though of you – even if I’m half right, you should definitely check it out!!: ----

Find out how to instantly make your own ludicrously profitable eBooks and create multiple revenue streams from writing about what you want, when you want, how you want. /c/JVZOOAFFILIATE_ID/7807

Even if you have never been published before or can’t even write – this is possible. All you need is an internet connection and the desire to be coached by entrepreneur and freelance journalist, Rob Colville – author of the groundbreaking and highly acclaimed Words To Riches system.

Rob’s step-by-step masterpiece has turned the stereotype of writing being a poorly paid profession on its head, with people who have not even been published before creating multiple income streams from zero. Discover how you can do the same as he shares his secrets of transforming a simple idea or theme into an easy passive income stream and how you can use other people’s time and money to get killer results.

People who are following his system are quite literally writing about anything they want – and converting it into money! He has a 60 day money back guarantee so if you are not 100% satisfied, he will give you a full no questions asked refund so you really have nothing to lose! /c/JVZOOAFFILIATE_ID/7807

Imagine ‘working’ only a few hours a day anywhere in the world and enjoying what lifestyle is all about – living! People have done this, people are doing this and guess what – so can you! Leapfrog your way to a lifestyle of financial abundance, doing what you want, with who you want, when you want, where you want, how you want, as much as possible and as quickly as possible.

Funnily enough, it need not be a marathon - you can just achieve this through writing your way to it! /c/JVZOOAFFILIATE_ID/7807

Let me know what you think,
(Your name)

Text Email 2 – To ‘’Cold’ Prospects

Hi (name)

We are looking for some people who are interested in building additional income streams working from their home on a part or full-time basis.

No experience necessary – you will receive a full training from entrepreneur, Rob Colville, author of the breakthrough Words to Riches system.

The methods outlined in his system are tailored specifically to people who want to make an explosive passive income from writing – even if they have never been published before. His groundbreaking system has proven results and is already receiving exceptional feedback from clients who have discovered how easy it is to turn their words into riches. There is huge a huge gap in the market on the internet and Rob Colville shows you exactly what it is and teaches you how to take advantage of it. /c/JVZOOAFFILIATE_ID/7807

His never seen before system outlines how anyone can make an explosive income through writing quite literally about what they like, how they like, when they like and where they like. But these people do not have to be necessary good at writing! Anyone can do this, as you will see for yourself. /c/JVZOOAFFILIATE_ID/7807

As a new survey by Right Management found that 84 percent of employees are planning to look for new and more prosperous opportunities this year, this really does seem like the perfect storm.

You have nothing to lose! The Words to Riches program is completely risk free and comes with a 60 day guarantee so if you are not 100% satisfied, you can obtain a full no questions asked refund.

To your success,

(From: Your name)

Text Email 3 – To ‘’Cold’ Prospects

Hi (name)

For a limited time only, entrepreneur and freelance journalist Rob Colville reveals all. Discover how you can write about anything you want and get paid for it... for a lifetime!

Even if you cannot write or have never been published before, people have done it and people are doing it – so can you: turn your words into a powerful, passive income stream so you can lead a lifestyle of financial abundance. /c/JVZOOAFFILIATE_ID/7807

There are only three places left on the Rob Colville’s highly acclaimed Words to Riches program and when they are gone – it will be a while until he allocates more spaces to the public. So if you are interested, it is essential you sign up TODAY.

Previous experience is NOT required and full training is given regardless of whether you have not been published or whether you are already a freelance writer.

You may be asking: “What’s in it for me?”

The groundbreaking mentorship programme will give you the following key advantages:

              - Create multiple income streams from zero
              - Do the work once and get paid for a lifetime
              - Write about what you want, when you want
              - Earn limitless returns of residual income
              - Enjoy having fun and have a life
              - Success secrets
              - Sack your boss

People from all walks of life are using Rob Colville’s groundbreaking system as a vehicle to creating multiple revenue streams of residual income – writing is merely the vehicle to achieving that, as it gives you the following ten key advantages:

              - Amazing pay
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              - Start up costs – minimal
              - Fantastic return on time/investment
              - Freedom to write about what you want to
              - Choose your own hours
              - Sack your boss and be your own
              - Effortlessly create multiple income streams
              - Absolutely anyone can do this (providing you sign up before offer expires!)
              - Enjoy more free time and lifestyle /c/JVZOOAFFILIATE_ID/7807

The only thing you need is an internet connection and the desire to be coached.

This program is completely risk free and comes with a 60 day guarantee so if you are not 100% satisfied, you can obtain a full no questions asked refund.

Text Email 4 – To ‘’Cold’ Prospects

Approved Title: How I make $136 a day writing eDossiers for a living

Hi (name)

Huh? I can hear the confusion already. Where's the 49 buck ebook this guy's gonna pitch me? It doesn't exist, buddy.

You see, any entrepreneur worthy of the name should have figured this out by now: THE MARKET IS FILLED WITH JUNKY $49 EBOOKS! Heck, I've even bought a few of them myself. Everyone and their dog is buying into this wave of ebook mania. Worse, you know what's in those ebooks on how to get rich? More how-to "information" on how to get rich selling...ebooks!

It's a joke. I mean, I was fresh out of university and I could see immediately that it was a joke. (Well, after I had paid for a couple of those ebooks myself, I admit.) Surely no one could be so stupid to as naive. It seems plenty of NOTE TO MIKE: Can you please but all these sample emails in ple open these emails (if scrollable boxes so we ca make better use of space – just like they do on: /c/JVZOOAFFILIATE_ID/7807

I have 2 problems with what I call the "$99 Ebook Mania":

1.) Integrity: Ebooks are usually filled with cut-and-paste information from the internet about a subject the author thinks you care about. In fact, he hopes you care enough about it to fork out your $49 like a good team player. (And that you are stupid enough not to realise that $49 is one buck short of $50.) I've even heard of a guy who actually made money selling tons of ebooks on dog care...and he didn't even own a dog! There's a huge integrity problem there. I've got a problem with pretending to know something I don't know about. Call me naive, call me silly. I was brought up to believe that you can make a perfectly decent living without being a liar. /c/JVZOOAFFILIATE_ID/7807

2.) Cheap Clients: Sure, there's a psychological level at $49. People don't want to spend more than $50. Blah, blah, blah. As though we haven't heard that before. Well, have you considered that the people who won't pay more than $50 might not be your market anyway? Clients who whine about price are also likely to whine about other wanting their money back (after not even TRYING to implement anything you tell them to do). Well, I'm not in the business out of the goodness of my heart - I can tell you a dozen other things I would prefer doing. But as long as I'm selling you something, I want to make sure you benefit from it. Again, call me old-fashioned. You can't teach an old dog new tricks. Woof.

I WANT my clients to succeed. It's good for my business. They bring in many more clients. Now THOSE clients I want. I want high-quality, capable clients who want to make a difference in their life. Because that benefits me in many ways. I can advertise in their products, for example. Or I can do joint-ventures with them as they break new markets for me. In short, I want my client network to be a Golden Rolodex, a network that supports me even as I support them.

I could name tons more ways to make money, and I do. My name is Rob Colville, and I write eDossiers for a living. Let me define that for you: /c/JVZOOAFFILIATE_ID/7807

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