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Rob Colville's "Words to Riches" is AMAZING! I have never seen anything like it. After reading it, I have a step by step plan of how to write and market my own eBooks about the things I love. Buy this eBook and I promise you will not be disappointed. Your life will never be the same again. It's incredible!
Chris Weaver, Trader, Bath, UK


WordsToRiches is the ONLY ALL IN ONE SYSTEM which will seamlessly guide  you through  all of the necessary steps to turn a simple eBook idea into an explosive revenue generating business. It will also give you many ways to come up with lucrative ideas!

Learn how to conceive highly profitable book ideas

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Find out how to make money using other people’s time and money

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What our clients are saying
Rob's system is truly amazing. Anyone can see there is huge potential with this and I aim to make thousands per month following exactly what Rob recommends. He is informative as he is entertaining in his writing and clearly an authority on entrepreneurship. He is beyond generous with sharing his closely guarded secrets of success in creating multiple income streams with ease. I would have happily paid $1,000 for the information he gives... I recommend to anyone and everyone.
Paul Botterill, Businessman, Singapore

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Freelance writer turned entrepreneur reveals his closely guarded secrets: how to make serious money from writing


Hi, I’m Rob Colville and this is what I’m all about these days...

To be perfectly blunt, I like to find the best way to make money from not doing very much at all. Both writing and forex trading have done that for me. That's another story!

But  making money this easily has not always been the case for me.

Things used to be very different! Rewind the clock two years ago and I was a freelance journalist  struggling to get by.  I was working silly hours a pittance. IT WAS A JOKE. Except I seemed to be the only one who wasn’t laughing... all the way to the bank!

However after a “paradigm shift” I was able to fully TRANSFORM what was a mediocre salary where I was swapping time for money into multiple revenue streams from self-publishing.

From this, I was able to do the work once and GET PAID EVERY DAY, EVERY WEEK, EVERY MONTH!

For every eBook I wrote, published, uploaded and made visible to my NEW WORLD AUDIENCE represented a fresh residual income stream for me – WITH NO LIMITS!

Not only was I able to prove to myself that I could trounce the old-fashioned stereotype of writing being ‘a poorly paid profession,’ I was able to turn it into a SERIOUISLY FINANCIALLY REWARDING “HOBBY” OF MINE!

I have since been able to prove to others that this my method can work for them. From stay-at-home Mums, to factory workers to accountants to lawyers to civil servants people from all backgrounds can and are doing this!

Thanks to my “new way of doing things”, I can write my own cheques from producing just one simple piece of writing which will generate me RECURRING CASH RETURNS again and again.

In the Words To Riches system, you will be  SHOWN EXACTLY  YOU HOW YOU CAN DO JUST THE SAME...No previous experience? No problem!

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The Key Reasons Why I Know Everyone Should Do This!

Earn MULTIPLE INCOME STREAMS! Once you've followed my 'paint by numbers' system which will tell you exactly what you need to know in order to successfully write, publish and make money from your chosen idea, you will have the potential to make UNCAPPED RETURNS. Simply write, save and upload...and then, DO THE SAME AGAIN AND AGAIN!!
HOW TO MAKE MONEY AGAIN AND AGAIN! As your finished product will be a virtual one, you will not have to worry about stock, postage or storage. You can just have it online and ready to be bought and downloaded for unlimited number of times - no sweat spared!
LET YOUR BUSINESS RUN ON AUTOPILOT: By both leveraging the virtual nature of your book and the Internet, you will be able to set and forget as soon as you finish writing it. So that it's making you money 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, whether you are in bed, on holiday or having fun.
NAME YOUR PRICE! Have complete control to decide how much you would like to charge clients and by the one who decides the affiliate commission structures. This is far more favourable than being "owned" by your editor or publisher - you simply do not get this freedom in traditional publishing!
  GET BUYERS FROM AROUND THE WORLD! Reap the financial rewards from having full access to a world audience with all traditional barriers to selling to international markets bulldozed.
IF I CAN DO IT – SO CAN YOU!  The scope and flexibility for you to make money from writing here is infinate. At the very least, it is a highly effective way to monetise hobbies or interests and a the very most, FULLTIME INCOME WORKING ONLY PARTIME.

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